Tacos 1 euro madrid

Tacos 1 euro madrid


Who is not attracted by everything that has to do with Mexico? It is a fascinating country, with its own culture and way of life and, of course, with a cuisine that has traveled the globe and triumphed wherever it has been known.
Esquites, aguachiles, guacamole, moles, enchiladas, quesadillas… Mexican cuisine can boast of being one of the richest, but if there is a dish for which the whole world knows it, those are the tacos. And just the other day Roberto Ruiz himself, told us how happy he was that Mexican cuisine had been so well received in Madrid.
Tacos is to Mexico, the same as stew to Madrid, there can not be one without the other and therefore, we will celebrate in style this March 31. The reason? Today is World Taco Day and we are going to tell you where you can eat the best tacos in Madrid.
The secret of their success? That the tacos are genuinely Mexican and its price, because each taco will cost you only 1.50 euros. In their menu you will find more than a dozen different recipes among which stand out their tacos al pastor that they cut directly from the spinning top, the chicken tacos with mole poblano or a classic that never fails, the cochinita pibil tacos.

Takos al pastor letter

How I love good, nice and cheap restaurants; it’s just that achieving all three is no easy task. Takos al Pastor or Takos, Madrid -as it is colloquially known in social networks- is one of those happy encounters.
They started with a place in Plaza del Carmen, near Puerta del Sol and, thanks to word of mouth, they became known. Their offer sells itself: tacos made with traditional Mexican recipes, at only 1 euro. Few offer so much for so little.
There were restaurants like Punto MX (recently closed, unfortunately) that took it to the gourmet level. Others, like Taqueria de Lupita or Don Manolito, give it a more original touch and, therefore, its price is somewhat higher. And there are those that sell at very low prices sacrificing quality.
The holy trinity of a taco is simple (or not): corn tortilla, content and sauce. What is complex is the elaboration of each one. For example, it is said that the corn must be cooked in water and lime to achieve an elastic dough. The spicy sauce, on the other hand, must be made with pasilla or cascabel chili peppers with some chipotle.

Recipe of cochinita pibil

For some time now, every time I passed by the Plaza del Carmen, I found a huge queue at the corner with Abada Street, and I thought: Do they give anything away here? And not giving it away, but almost.
Right on that corner, you can find what for me is the most authentic and cheapest Mexican restaurant (I don’t know if you could call it a taqueria) in Madrid: «Takos al Pastor». You can eat very tasty and above all cheap. For less than 10€ I assure you that you will leave satiated with a margarita or michelada included!
As there is no better way to show something than with some good pictures I have prepared a video of which I am very proud (I think it is my best video montage to date, let me know what you think) on the Youtube channel of La Recomendadora (that is, mine, hahahahahaha).
As you can see, the portions for the price are very generous, the tacos come loaded, the quesadilla is overflowing and the michelada is served in a big jar with a nice spicy sauce around it.

Chapultepec tacos

And suddenly, Madrid became a taco. Although street food is still outlawed in the city, the city itself is very capable of becoming cool and offering delicious tacos as if this were Mexico City. Normally, at different prices, of course. From taqueria to taqueria, we discover where to eat the best tacos in Madrid.
Although the king of the taco in Madrid is still Roberto Ruiz. We still remember Punto MX, and while we visit from time to time his gourmet cravings Salón Cascabel and the corner of the Mercado de San Miguel Tacos, margaritas y punto, we can always use his incredible delivery service to get a taco. As Jonathan Gold, the enormous food critic who elevated migrant street food to the altars once said, «taco should be a verb».
One of my favorites without discussion. The former maitre d’ at Punto MX (of course) and chef Marcela Zamudio set up a cantina in Olavide (today two) with a very cool spirit that delights those who appreciate the homemade taste of a country that has no waste. And there are roots here. Any of its tacos is recommended, blindly, for what it is worth every euro you invest. And its careful delivery endures the trip.