Plaza venezuela 2 bilbao

Plaza venezuela 2 bilbao

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Plaza Venezuela, 2, depends on the city council of Bilbao. It is geolocated within the province of Vizcaya. Near this area, it is more than probable to find stores or stores. In this particular point of the municipality there are walking areas and route guides. How to get to Plaza Venezuela, 2 If what we want to get to this area we have to indicate from where we want to start. (Click on the «How to get there» button on the map.)Where is Plaza Venezuela, 2? Due to the information we have, we should calculate the streets and roads around it. For example, Baiona Kalea and Bakio Kalea, for logic, it is geographically property of Bilbao. When you pass by that area, you have to visit Baldezate Filomena Kalea, you will like it. Places near Plaza Venezuela, 2

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We put at your disposal the rental of offices and offices fully renovated and equipped, with all the infrastructure that you, as a professional, company or self-employed may need. It can also be beneficial for you to extend our Center, a delegation.
If you prefer, you can have a virtual office so that your business is a convenience for you, saving costs and time that you can devote to another part of your business. Domiciliation service.
Our location allows our customers to have access to various transport services (streetcar, metro, the main train station in Bilbao) and parking. In addition, the strategic area in which we are located allows easy access to entrances and exits of Bilbao by road and only 10′ from Loiu Airport.
Likewise, our clients will find in the area, restaurants, hotels, the courts, shopping centers and other services, since we are located in a central area, in the district of Abando.

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INMOBILIARIA CAMPUZANO rents office in excellent condition, in exclusive office building, centrally located, with large windows, natural light, for three workstations, with meeting table, diaphanous.makes traffic circle, with beautiful views of City Hall, Plaza Venezuela and Buenos Aires street, so it is very nice as a workplace.with toilet outside the office.two months deposit is requested, plus management fees of the real estate.
The rental price reference index is an indicator published by the Catalan Housing Agency that provides an estimate of the average price per square meter of rent for a property located in an area and with certain characteristics. It also provides guidance on the minimum and maximum price that the property can reach.