Pizzeria da claudio carta

Pizzeria da claudio carta

Domino’s pizza zaragoza

Interior design in black and white, with straight and sober lines, and appropriate furniture for this new informal proposal led by the owners of da Claudio in Montecanal, which are strong in the area of La Romareda, where they do not stop adding novelties.
The decoration of the premises is simple, but does not detract one iota of charm to this Italian restaurant that stands out for its good work and care for the product.  Its strong point is the reproduction of the dishes of grandmothers and mothers with a first class product, a generous spirit and a youthful touch.


Although pizzas are the real protagonists at Da Claudio, they also offer salads and other options for snacks, as well as desserts. Undoubtedly, one not to be missed is the Nutella pizza (coconut, almonds, crocanti, colored noodles), the favorite of the sweet tooth.
If you were already a fan of the Da Claudio pizzeria, you already have a new reason to rejoice and more options to eat their pizzas and, for those who are not, an opportunity to finally taste the true flavor of Italian pizzas.


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Ciro hits Genny in the face, and escapes; on the run he is abandoned by his wife (with their child), disappointed and irritated at being used as bait. Don Pietro escapes, thanks to Malammore and other men who assault the prison police van in which he was traveling to be transferred to another prison. In the last shot of the season: Genny, seriously wounded by gunshots, hints at a slight movement of his hand, suggesting that he is still alive.
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The new address for pizza lovers has 110 indoor and 40 outdoor seats and re-proposes the design of the Palermo pizzeria, created by Palermo architects Salvo Laversa and Vincenzo Simanella.
On the menu there are the pizzas of Casa Madre of Naples, that is margherita, marinara, cosacca and marita, with the addition of other variants agreed with the brand that, as per tradition, respect the history and 151 years of the ancient pizzeria da Michele.
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