Pizza al corte barcelona

Pizza al corte barcelona

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At La Balmesina, daughter of three Italians, dough is a religion. They live to improve it and make it more digestive. And from their laboratory come the best pizza bases that have ever disintegrated in my heart. Sourdough made with Italian organic wheat flour and fermentation that exceeds 72 hours. You can choose between three types: the Tonda, which is thin but at the same time solid and crunchy; the Tonda de espelta, made with whole wheat spelt flour; and the majestic Pala, which is a rectangular pizza for two people, light, crunchy and with a honeycomb that looks like the inner tube of a Nike. If the party is wild on the pizza foundations, the top-quality Italian food is a big hit on the rooftop. Highway to heaven with the Calabria, with spicy Italian sobrasada, onions, black olives and a porn burrata. Sexual moans with the Kamchatka: it has Italian bacon, artichokes, smoked ricotta, mozzarella and tomatoes. Imagine you are in a garage where they sell Ferraris for the price of Fiats: welcome to La Balmesina.

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Everyone likes pizza, although we usually settle for the precooked or frozen ones, from time to time we like to treat ourselves to an authentic Italian pizza. For all its lovers we present the best pizzerias in Barcelona, 10 places of worship to taste the true delights of the Bella Italia.
Nonna Maria restaurant serves gourmet pizzas with original combinations of ingredients in which we can find from teriyaki sauce to white asparagus from Navarra. Its crispy edges on the outside and spongy on the inside will make you lose all your senses.
More than a pizzeria is a pizza bar, informal, economical, casual and fun, a place to take a break from the routine. Simplicity, flavor and quality are the three basic pillars of Parking Pizza.  There are only 10 pizzas on the menu, few but more than enough for all tastes.
Its recipes made with fresh and locally sourced ingredients since 1990 are its hallmark. In this restaurant seasonal products are introduced in each season. There are only four pizzas on the menu, but what a four: Burrata, al Tartuffo, Cosaccia del Cavalieri and Sofia Loren are the names of the culinary wonders of La Bella Napoli.

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Pizza is the popular food of Italian origin, but it is present all over the world, a landmark par excellence of international cuisine: you will find good pizzerias from Hong-Kong to Lisbon. In Barcelona, a city of Italians, the first one was Tropeziens, in 1971 (where M. Ferrussola and Pujol often went). Since then, the baked recipe has spread throughout the city, with incredible variations of pizza for all tastes and pockets. In our city the Neapolitan orthodoxy coexists with the new pizzeria trends, let’s eat them all and enjoy a round pleasure that always appeals!
Another gastro adventure of the Colombo brothers. Organic flour and sourdough pizzas, which can be classic (tomato and mozzarella base), red (tomato base) or white (mozzarella base). They also serve starters that are a preamble to the entrance of Pavarotti.

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But fortunately there are also places that work with long fermentations to make them less heavy and that use good products in their pizzas. We tell you about seven places where neither the dough nor the quality of the ingredients will disappoint you.
Since it opened in mid-2017 in a 180 m² premises in the Raval, the Colombo brothers’ pizzeria has gained followers non-stop for three reasons: the quality doughs made with total dedication by the Roman Lollo Vuoturni (with biga and stone-ground organic flour), the long fermentations dedicated to the doughs (resting times of up to 72 hours) and the quality Italian ingredients used in the pizzas.
They opened their first location in 2015 in the heart of Eixample esquerra and in a matter of days they had it full, hence in 2017 Berta Bernat and Marcos Armenteras -owners of Parking Pizza- decided to bet on a second location: a 500 square meter parking lot a few meters from Passeig de Sant Joan where in addition to pizzas they make pitas.