Oferta movistar fusion base

Oferta movistar fusion base

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The Movistar Fusión Base tariffs offer an internet connection service, a cell phone line and a television catalog. In this article we explain what their offers include and what their prices are.
Movistar Fusión Base is a convergent tariff from Movistar that includes an internet connection service, a mobile line contract and a catalog television package. The Movistar Fusión Base offers are described below:
This offer is one of the Movistar Fusión Base tariffs with the highest internet connection speed and one of the most demanded for those users who are mainly interested in an internet and mobile tariff, since the television package is more basic.
The installation fee for the fiber optic installation is free as long as you remain registered for 3 months. On the other hand, there is no portability or line registration fee. The installation period for Movistar Fusión Base 600 is 7 days and the router for the internet connection is of the 11N type.

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From today, we can contract Fusión Inicia 600 Mbps for 39.90 euros for 6 months. The price of this tariff until now was 50 euros per month for the first 6 months, so we have a reduction of 10.10 euros during that initial period of time. After 6 months, the price becomes 75 euros per month, as it was before.
This pack, as its name suggests, becomes the cheapest that we can hire from Movistar Fusión. In this package we find more than 80 TV channels, a mobile line with unlimited calls, SMS and data, and a second mobile line with calls at 0 cents (40 cents of establishment and 30 cents the SMS) and 5 GB of data.
We also have a discount on the rest of the Fusión Inicia packages that include Netflix. Thus, Fusión Inicia 600 Mbps X2, with Netflix HD and three mobile lines (one unlimited, another 5 GB and another 200 MB) costs 50.9 euros per month for 6 months, costing 86 euros per month thereafter. Netflix is included free for the first 3 months only, with an additional 11 euros to be paid after the fourth month.

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– MÁS Y MEJORES CONTENIDOS CON LA MEJOR EXPERIENCIA. Desde 20 euros al mes, IVA incluido, los clientes dispondrán de un paquete básico que incluye más de 80 canales de televisión, una amplia oferta de películas, series, programas infantiles y documentales, con más de 5.000 títulos, un nuevo CANAL+ y el servicio YOMVI.
– UNA OFERTA SENCILLA Y ADAPTADA AL USUARIO En la oferta básica los clientes pueden añadir suscripciones según sus preferencias: DEPORTES, CINE y SERIES por 20, 9 y 5 euros al mes, respectivamente. También habrá canales a la carta por 5 euros al mes, así como CANAL+ Toros, por 20 euros al mes.
– UNA COMBINACIÓN PERFECTA. En MOVISTAR+ los contenidos se agrupan en nuevos canales y la oferta se ordena de forma sencilla, por géneros, como resultado de un nuevo dial: CANAL+ Series y el nuevo CANAL+ Series Xtra, la última temporada de Juego de Tronos, True Detective, Orange is the New Black, The Missing y Borgen, todas las últimas películas en el nuevo CANAL+ Estrenos y todos los deportes, incluyendo Wimbledon, MotoGP, Motor Racing, la NBA, la Euroliga de baloncesto, las mejores ligas americanas y todo el Golf.

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Movistar Fusión combines Internet, mobile telephony, landline and television in one of the most popular convergent tariffs in the sector. Find out what the operator’s Fusión packages include, how much they cost and all the offers available.
Movistar Fusión is the name given to Movistar’s convergent tariffs that combine Internet, mobile telephony, landline and Movistar + pay TV. A package that has different modalities in order to meet the demands of different user profiles.
The Movistar Fusión packages allow you to surf with 300 Mb or 1 Gb, have two, three, four or five mobile lines, have a Movistar Fijo tariff and enjoy the best audiovisual content on TV and other devices thanks to Yomvi TV online. The main differences between them are the data and minutes included in the Movistar mobile lines and the TV channels available.
All Movistar Fusión tariffs include Movistar channel 0 and #Vamos. In addition, they are associated with an Internet connection via fiber optics. Only if Movistar fiber coverage is not available, the connection will be made through Movistar ADSL, which has a maximum speed of 20Mb.