Hasta la peineta valladolid

Hasta la peineta valladolid

Youssef el arabi’s goal (1-1) in granada cf – real madrid

The fifth wave is having different characteristics from others, especially because vaccination is advancing, restrictions are decreasing, and young people have become the main focus of infection with the arrival of summer and nightlife. Similarly, although vaccination prevents the severity of the coronavirus disease, many vaccinated people are also becoming infected. Faced with this scenario, there are many voices calling for responsibility and caution with the virus, especially from the healthcare sector, which is once again experiencing first-hand situations that they thought were already in the past.
If recently it was the one known as the ‘Wanda nurse’ who spoke out on his social networks against those who forgot about the danger of the pandemic, now it has been another healthcare worker, from Tenerife, who has written a harsh message to those who skip the restrictions, to “that person who ignores everything”.

Luis enrique’s goal to madrid – 1-11-1997 (2-3)

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Farewell bb+

The Community of Madrid has received the Complutense Cisneros Rugby Club women’s team to recognize the magnificent season they have had, winning the titles of champions of the Iberdrola League and the H.M. the Queen’s Rugby Cup 2021.
The reception took place last Tuesday, July 27, at the Real Casa de Postas de la Comunidad de Madrid, where the Regional Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sport, Marta Rivera de la Cruz, expressed the pride of the regional government team “for the victories that highlight the excellent moment that rugby is experiencing in Madrid”.

Liten vs tesla vs farctan // 3rd qualifier

The Professional Association of Physiotherapists of the Community of Madrid provides six basic tips to reduce the risk of injury during the Camino de Santiago, from a good previous physical preparation to the planning of the route in stages.
Summer is the busiest time to do the Camino de Santiago. And when pilgrims think about possible routes, they usually start by identifying which part of the route they might enjoy the most, rather than whether it fits their fitness level. Equipment or preparation beforehand is usually at the bottom of the list of priorities.
Another basic aspect to consider is, of course, footwear. It is very important to buy the right type of footwear, sneakers or hiking boots, light, that adapt well to the foot. In addition, it is essential to use the same footwear in the previous days of preparation and not to use them for the first time when the Camino is about to begin. In fact, among the most frequent injuries are tendinitis, muscle ‘pulls’ and ankle sprains, derived from poor foot support on the ground, especially on uneven or sloping terrain.