Como limpiar botas de futbol

Como limpiar botas de futbol

Soccer boots stink

You bought brand new soccer shoes a year ago and they run great, they look nice you feel like these are the soccer shoes for you! But then suddenly they break down. How is that possible you think? Chances are that it is because the shoes are not well maintained. How do I maintain my soccer shoes? Below you can read how you can prevent this.
Let’s face it, cleaning your soccer shoes is not the most fun you can have, but leaving them in your bag after a game or training session is even worse. The time you need to clean your soccer shoe depends on the type. The two most common types are synthetic and leather soccer shoes. Both shoes will need to be properly maintained for a longer life. With synthetic soccer shoes, this takes less time than with leather soccer shoes.
Make sure that most of the sand, grass or clay is already removed when you walk off the field. You will find shoe sweepers next to the locker rooms everywhere these days. Run your soccer shoes through them a few times. Rinse synthetic soccer shoes with water or use a damp cloth when you are at home. If you have leather soccer shoes, wipe away the sand with a damp cloth and grease your leather soccer shoes if necessary. Grease your soccer shoes regularly with leather grease, wax or conditioner for leather. This will keep the leather supple and maintain its fit and comfort for longer. The benefit of using a conditioner such as Wax for Leather from Nikwax is that it is completely absorbed into the leather and does not leave a film on the outside.  With grease or wax, the outside of leather remains slightly greasy which could lead to a reduced grip on the ball. Do not grease your shoes too often or the leather may stretch!

Leather grease

Fabric shoes easily attract dirt and stains. You may be tempted to throw your fabric shoes in the washing machine, but don’t do this! In the washing machine, the glue that is often found in fabric shoes dissolves, which can cause them to fall apart. Therefore, always clean fabric shoes by hand. Always gently rub dry dirt off the surface with a cloth first. To clean the withdrawn stain, use dishwashing liquid and a toothbrush. Spread a blob of dishwashing liquid on the stain, wet the toothbrush slightly with warm water and scrub the stain away. Pat the surface dry with a cloth and let air dry.
Leather shoes quickly show streaks and scratches. Treat your (fake) leather with a mixture of cold water and clear vinegar to counteract this. Pour the water and vinegar in equal parts into a bucket. Use an old cloth and rub well over the leather surface. Stains and scratches will disappear like snow in the sun! Wear spots in leather can be made beautiful again by using shoe polish. Did you know that you can also make your own organic shoe polish? To do this, wet an old cloth and dip it in a pot of baking soda. Rub over the worn spot and dry with a clean cloth. This way you never have to buy shoe polish in all the colors of the rainbow again, because baking soda works for every color. Cleaning leather shoes has never been easier!

Running in leather soccer shoes

Taking good care of your soccer shoes not only ensures that you enter the field with neat kicks, but above all it extends the life of your soccer shoes considerably.  Of course, taking good care of your soccer shoes is not every soccer player’s favorite chore, but it is very important! The amount of maintenance a soccer shoe needs depends largely on the material.
Quickly putting your soccer shoes under the heater because they are still wet from last week? Bad plan, especially with leather soccer shoes. The heat given off by the heater may cause your shoes to dry and shrink too quickly. With leather shoes, the heat from the heater will also affect the quality of the leather.  

Soccer shoes nike wash

Not taking care of your shoes results in a significantly shorter life span of your favorite soccer shoes. No one wants that, and so we created a video teaching you how to wash your shoes to keep them alive longer.
To say that Jay loves his shoes would be the understatement of the year. This dude loves his kicks, which is why he always takes good care of his favorites. This makes him the perfect candidate to teach you how to properly wash, clean and care for your soccer shoes. Check out the video at the top of this blog for all his tips and tricks!