Alameda de oviedo santander

Alameda de oviedo santander

This is what we found today in the alameda de oviedo.

In 1833 work began to provide the city with a promenade in the watercourse that runs from Cuatro Caminos to the current Plaza de Numancia and was formerly known as the “Camino de Becedo”. Next to the promenade, and parallel to it, the construction of a roadway of sufficient width to build on it the Camino Real a Castilla, which would start at the beginning of Vargas Street, was foreseen.
In 2009, on the occasion of the centenary of the fraternization between Oviedo and Santander, the City Council of Oviedo gave the city of Santander a replica of the Cathedral of Oviedo, which is located in the alameda in front of the Health Center on Vargas Street. In 2011 was installed in the alameda the street lamp of the Four Seasons, which was previously in the Town Hall Square and other locations.
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By the alameda de oviedo at 8:00 in the morning.

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Santander roman market 2016

The Roman Festival of the Holy Martyrs is held from August 26 to 28 in the Plaza de Juan Carlos I and the Alameda de Oviedo, with a craft and food market, workshops, exhibitions, children’s activities and shows.
Bird’s eye view of the Church of Santa Susana, the Ferris wheel and the Alameda of Santiago de Compostela. Flying over The Church of Santa Susana, the big wheel and the alameda of Santiago de Compostela. In the background you can see the Cathedral of Santiago, the old town and the City of Culture of Galicia.
The alameda of Pontevedra is a great space of recreation, where nowadays all kinds of events are celebrated as well as concerts in its beautiful Palco de la Musica, This one takes the name of Sesmeros, architect of our City at the end of 1800 the same one carried out great works in the City.

Today wednesday through the streets of santander

This was announced today at a press conference in which he presented a project aimed at “enhancing the value of the Alameda, maintaining its identity and its current layout of flowerbeds, gardens and trees,” making its connection with the surrounding streets more permeable and giving greater prominence to pedestrian routes.
“The Alameda de Oviedo is one of the privileged spaces that Santander has, a green area, open to the enjoyment of citizens, which stands out for its uniqueness and its environmental quality,” said Igual.
To do this, it would act in two ways: on the one hand, renewing the current pavement, and on the other, enhancing the green areas, providing them with better gardens, with more plantings of different shrubs and plants that increase the environmental quality of the Alameda.
Likewise, full accessibility will be sought, eliminating the stairways and architectural barriers that exist in the connections between the Alameda and the San Fernando roadway, as they are located at different heights.